Story title Foreign Affairs Council (Defence) - April 2014
Story description

EU Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs meet on 15 April 2014 in Luxembourg.

Video title Mali
Video description

This series of stockshots contains footage from the country of Mali.

Reference 97306 Video infos Mpg4 / PAL - 16:9 Duration 00:03:12 Type Stockshots (Archives footage)
Shooting date 26-05-2010 Country Mali Town Bamako    
TC Thumbnail Description

Exterior shots of Bamako, the capital of Mali. Views over the river 'Niger' towards the city centre crowned by the high tower of the National Central bank (Dogon style), cut away shot of pirogge, people washing cloths in the river, people working in the fields (7 shots)

Duration : 00:00:36


Exterior shots from the city of Bamako, painted walls and donkey wagon with scooters in front, view towards the city, woman carrying basket on her head, painting showing two young kids studying, general trafic shots (23 shots)

Duration : 00:02:08


Construction site outside of Bamako (4 shots)

Duration : 00:00:26



Duration : 00:00:00