Story title Competitiveness Council - December 2012
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The Competitiveness Council takes place on 10 and 11 December 2012, in Brussels.

Video title Roundtable
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Extracts fro the roundtable of the Competitiveness Council on 10 December 2012, in Brussels.

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Ministers exchange views on the European industrial policy and its contribution to growth and economic recovery with a view to adopting conclusions. They address the specific situation of the automotive industry. They also hold a debate on the modernisation of the state aid rules and their impact on EU competitiveness. The Commission explains the reform of state aid policy to be completed during 2013. The Council looks for improving the Union Customs Code with a view to facilitating commercial exchanges, whilst ensuring safe and secure trade of goods in the EU. In addition, the Council is to be invited to agree on the basis for establishing an action programme for customs in the EU for the period 2014-2020 (Customs 2020), as the successor of Customs 2013, which ends on 31 December 2013. The afternoon is to be devoted to policy debates and/or information reports regarding pending legislation included in the Single Market Act I package, which is made up of priority measures aimed at the completion of the single market by increasing confidence and stimulating growth and jobs creation. The issues to be dealt with might include the unitary patent protection package, the review of the professional qualifications directive, the accounting directive, the public procurement package and the alternative resolution system for consumer disputes. Moreover, the Council is to be invited to adopt conclusions on the second wave of priority proposals under the Single Market Act II, which was presented by the Commission on 3 October.

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José Manuel SORIA LÓPEZ, Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain (2 shots)

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Neoklis SYLIKIOTIS, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus (3 shots)

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Neoklis SYLIKIOTIS, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus

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Joaquín ALMUNIA, European Commissioner for Competition

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General view

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Delegation of Slovenia (2 shots)

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Delegation of Cyprus (2 shots)

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Juhan PARTS, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia (3 shots)

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Delegation of Germany

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General view

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Delegation of Denmark

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José Manuel SORIA LÓPEZ, Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain

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General view

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Álvaro Santos PEREIRA, Minister of Economy and Employment of Portugal

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Arnaud MONTEBOURG, Minister of Industrial Renewal of France

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General view

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Joaquín ALMUNIA, European Commissioner for Competition

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General view

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Reinhold MITTERLEHNER, Federal Minister of Economy, Family and Youth of Austria

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General view

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