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The EU has had a delegation office  in Mali since 1958. The two maintain relations based on political dialogue under the Cotonou Agreement, the Country Strategy Paper and on security and defence matters.

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An advance party of the mission EUTM Mali has arrived today in Bamako, ahead of the launch of the mission planned in mid-February. The team of about 70 personnel will finalise with the Malian authorities the system for providing advice to the chain of command, and prepare in Bamako the setting-up of the headquarters and the arrival of the trainers for the mission.

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Shooting date 08-02-2013 Country Mali Town Bamako    
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EUTM team waiting for the landing (2 shots)

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Shot of the plane on the tarmac.

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Mission EUTM Mali arrives, Bamako (5 shots)

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SOUNDBITE (English) Ltt Col Jamie Melville (Army Air Corps)

Today we'll just look at the initial elements, but it is important because it is about the infrastructure, preparing the training and so on.

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EUTM Mali Mission

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SOUNDBITE (English) Ltt Col Jamie Melville (Army Air Corps)

The major concern is that we deliver a product and it delivers a long-term solution, helps to deliver a long-term solution for that situation

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EUTM Mali Mission

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