Story title Belgrade-Pristina dialogue
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Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina to improve relations started on 8-9 March 2011. The European Union is the facilitator of this dialogue.

Video title Arrival and doorstep by PM of Kosovo
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Arrival and doorstep by Hashim THAÇI, Prime Minister of Kosovo, before the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue taking place on 17 April 2013, in Brussels.

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Exterior of the EEAS building (2 shots)

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Arrival of Hashim THAÇI, Prime Minister of Kosovo

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SOUNDBITE (Multilingual) Hashim THAÇI, Prime Minister of Kosovo

We come here with the best intention of to get an agreement between the State of Kosovo and Serbia. This agreement means a good neighbouring relations and the Atlantic future for the two countries and the people. This agreement will not be only in interest of Kosovo but also in the interest of Serbia and the EU to go toward peace and stability. I hope that Serbia will work together with us in order to get this agreement. We are interested in moving from the past and to move toward good neighbouring relations and peace. We have had a long century of conflict and it is time to move toward peace.

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Hashim THAÇI, Prime Minister of Kosovo going to the meeting

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