Story title Agriculture and Fisheries Council - July 2013
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The Agriculture and Fisheries Council takes place on 15 July 2013 in Brussels.

Video title Arrival and doorstep Lithuanian presidency (Jukna)
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Arrival and doorstep by Vigilijus JUKNA, Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania, before the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 15 July 2013 in Brussels.

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The Council aims to settle the outstanding issues regarding a draft regulation on a new European maritime and fisheries fund (EMFF) (8883/13). The intention is to agree on an overall general approach, complementing the partial general approach reached on this proposal last October (15458/12).

The general objective of the draft regulation, which will replace the existing European fisheries fund, is to support the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and to further develop the EU’s integrated maritime policy by financing some of the priorities identified. The EMFF proposal has to be seen in the context of the new multi-annual financial framework for the years 2014 to 2020 and is part of the CFP reform package, which will lay down the legislative framework for this policy area for the same period.
The Council will also hold an exchange of views on a consultation document in which the
Commission sets out its ideas on how fishing opportunities, in terms of total allowable catches and efforts levels, should be fixed for 2014 (10460/13).
The Council follows up on the agreement reached with the European Parliament on 26 June on the reform of the common agricultural policy (see the Irish presidency’s press release).

Moreover, ministers are briefed by the Commission on the issue of mislabelling of beef

Finally, the Lithuanian presidency presents its work programme in the field of agriculture and fisheries for the next six months.

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Arrival of Vigilijus JUKNA, Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania

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The main goal today is to reach a compromise on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and it is a big pleasure for me to chair for the first time the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries. We have a good team and we are sure that we will achieve progress

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