Story title Eurogroup meeting - May 2018
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EU Finance Ministers of the eurozone meet on 24 May 2018 in Brussels.

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Arrivals at the Eurogroup meeting, taking place on 24 May 2018, in Brussels.

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The institutions and the Greek Minister for Finance, Euclid Tsakalotos, inform the Eurogroup about the status of the ongoing fourth review of Greece’s economic adjustment programme.

They present the staff-level agreement concluded by the institutions and the Greek authorities on 19 May.

Greece aims to implement the required measures before the Eurogroup meeting on 21 June 2018. The programme’s formal expiry date is 20 August 2018.

The Eurogroup also continues its discussions on the debt strategy.

The European Commission presents its 2018 spring forecast, published on 3 May.

The Eurogroup holds a follow-up discussion on spending reviews, this time focusing on the challenge of ensuring ownership when conducting spending reviews.

The Eurogroup previously discussed this topic in June last year, and in September 2016, when it adopted common principles for improving expenditure allocation.

Spending reviews help governments detect areas where savings and efficiency gains could be made and where spending could bring greater value for money.

Finance ministers from 27 EU member states have another round of discussions on the completion of the banking union and the future role of the ESM. They take stock of the progress made so far and exchange views on the way forward.

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Arrival of Toomas TÕNISTE, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Estonia (2 shots)

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Arrival of Euclid TSAKALOTOS, Minister of Finance of Greece (2 shots)

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Arrival of Mario DRAGHI, ECB President

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Arrival of Dana REIZNIECE-OZOLA, Minister for Finance of Latvia

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