Story title ECOFIN Council - December 2012
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The ECOFIN Council takes place on 12 December 2012, in Brussels.

Video title Departure and doorstep UK (Osborne)
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Departure and doorstep by George OSBORNE, Minister of the Exchequer of United Kingdom, following the ECOFIN Council on 12 December 2012, in Brussels.

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SOUNDBITE (English) George OSBORNE, Minister of the Exchequer of United Kingdom

It has been a long night of negotiations, but I think we have a very good deal. We have always said that the EU needed to create a banking union to help solve its problems and we have an agreement to create a banking union. We also wanted the single market to be protected, countries that will not be joining the banking union to be protected, interests of the United Kingdom to be protected, that has been achieved again tonight. It shows that when you go in with a clear and principal argument and you make your case then you can succeed and I think this is what Britain has done tonight, but I think all member states that have taken part in the negotiations can be proud of a good outcome for the entire EU of 27.

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