Story title General Affairs Council - December 2016
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EU Ministers of Foreign and European Affairs meet in Brussels on 13 December 2016 to finalise preparations for the December European Council, adopt conclusions on enlargement and be informed on the state of play of the mid-term review of the multi-annual financial framework 2014-2020.

Video title Economic Governance
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Illustration footage of the financial and economic crisis, along with the euro-area debt crisis which has exposed gaps in the EU economic governance system and showed that its existing instruments need to be used more fully. The EU puts forward a comprehensive and coherent package of reforms to strengthen existing tools and extend them for coordinating economic and fiscal policy in the EU. 

Reference 94499 Video infos Mpg4 / PAL - 16:9 Duration 00:04:55 Type Stockshots (Archives footage)
Shooting date 04-10-2011 Country Diverse Town Diverse    
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Exterior, housing projects put on hold, abandoned construction sites, outside of Madrid, Spain, 5 shots

Keywords : Spain Duration : 00:00:21


Exterior, National Parliament and Greek flag, demonstration against austerity measure taken by the Greek government, 7 shots

Keywords : Greece Duration : 00:00:09


Exterior, National Parliament of Portugal, total, close up of flag, 2 shots, view of the city Lisbon, 1 shot, Headline in the newspaper, Exterior view on the Banco de Portugal, view on the houses to be on sold, sign showing 'vende se', 2 shots, Portugal

Keywords : Portugal Duration : 00:01:00


Exterior, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, 2 shots

Keywords : ECB Duration : 00:00:08


Exterior shot of the Frankfurter Börse, (Stockexchange market), Frankfurt, DE, 2 shots, Interior, the stockexchange parkett, 10 shots

Duration : 00:01:12


Interior, EuroNext stock exchange, Lisbon, Portugal, 3 shots

Duration : 00:00:20


Exterior, Wallstreet, Stock exchange, 3 shots

Keywords : USA Duration : 00:00:14


Exterior, rating agencies, Standard&Poor; 3 shots, Fitch, 3 shots, 1 shot from the Times Squares showing an LCD display with the stock exchange info, 2 shots

Duration : 00:00:58



Duration : 00:00:00