Story title ECOFIN Council - July 2015
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EU Finance Ministers meet on 14 July 2015 in Brussels to discuss the  adopt country-specific recommendations .

Video title Economic Governance
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Illustration footage of the financial and economic crisis, along with the euro-area debt crisis which has exposed gaps in the EU economic governance system and showed that its existing instruments need to be used more fully. The EU puts forward a comprehensive and coherent package of reforms to strengthen existing tools and extend them for coordinating economic and fiscal policy in the EU. 

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Shooting date 04-10-2011 Country Diverse Town Diverse    
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Exterior, housing projects put on hold, abandoned construction sites, outside of Madrid, Spain, 5 shots

Keywords : Spain Duration : 00:00:21


Exterior, National Parliament and Greek flag, demonstration against austerity measure taken by the Greek government, 7 shots

Keywords : Greece Duration : 00:00:09


Exterior, National Parliament of Portugal, total, close up of flag, 2 shots, view of the city Lisbon, 1 shot, Headline in the newspaper, Exterior view on the Banco de Portugal, view on the houses to be on sold, sign showing 'vende se', 2 shots, Portugal

Keywords : Portugal Duration : 00:01:00


Exterior, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, 2 shots

Keywords : ECB Duration : 00:00:08


Exterior shot of the Frankfurter Börse, (Stockexchange market), Frankfurt, DE, 2 shots, Interior, the stockexchange parkett, 10 shots

Duration : 00:01:12


Interior, EuroNext stock exchange, Lisbon, Portugal, 3 shots

Duration : 00:00:20


Exterior, Wallstreet, Stock exchange, 3 shots

Keywords : USA Duration : 00:00:14


Exterior, rating agencies, Standard&Poor; 3 shots, Fitch, 3 shots, 1 shot from the Times Squares showing an LCD display with the stock exchange info, 2 shots

Duration : 00:00:58



Duration : 00:00:00