Story title General views of the Council
Story description

Illustration shots of the Council building in Brussels.

Video title Lithuanian Presidency decoration
Video description

Stockshots on Lithuanian Presidency decoration at the Justus Lipsius building. The hanging Gardens of Europe in the atrium (entrance hall, level 00) are the axis of the building's overall decoration, which combines graphic prints of Lithuanian artists with a collection of bronze animal figures on straw pedestals. The choice of furniture for the sitting areas reflects contemporary lithuanian design, which merges Scandinavian simplicity and southern eccentricity. 

Reference 99792 Video infos Mpg4 / PAL - 16:9 Duration 00:07:40 Type Stockshots (Archives footage)
Shooting date 02-07-2013 Country Belgium Town Brussels    
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Workers hanging the Lithuanian Presidency panels at the exterior entrance of the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels (5 shots)

Keywords : Justus Lipsius | Lithuanian EU presidency Duration : 00:00:26


Placing the panels in the atrium, next to the main entrance to the building (16 shots)

Duration : 00:01:01


Transporting and unpacking the structures that will compose the "Gardens of Europe" installation in the atrium (5 shots)

Keywords : Gardens of Europe Duration : 00:00:21


Preparing the metal bars where the installation will be hanged (7 shots)

Duration : 00:00:23


Attaching the individual structures to be lifted up (6 shots)

Duration : 00:00:19


Finished "Gardens of Europe" installation in the atrium (4 shots)

Duration : 00:00:19


Works in the foyer, building the sitting area and putting the lights up (16 shots)

Duration : 00:01:08


Placing the graphic art works and the glass and straw pedestals with the bronze figures in the foyer area (13 shots)

Duration : 00:00:53


Views of the foyer area with decoration finished (4 shots)

Duration : 00:00:21


Decoration works on the 50th floor: hanging graphic art works (7 shots)

Duration : 00:00:28


Placing the tables in the sitting areas of the 50th floor (1 shot)

Duration : 00:00:10


General views of the sitting area featuring contemporary lithuanian design with art work on the walls in the 50th floor (3 shots)

Duration : 00:00:09


Putting the last bronze statues on the glass and straw pedestals in the 50th floor and sitting area (7 shots)

Duration : 00:00:25


Placing the new carpet and walls of the Presidency area in the 50th floor (8 shots)

Duration : 00:00:33


Placing new paintings and office decoration (4 shots)

Duration : 00:00:16


New armchairs and furniture for the sitting area (4 shots)

Duration : 00:00:25



Duration : 00:00:02