Story title Competitiveness Council - October 2012
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The Competitiveness Council takes place on 10 and 11 October in Luxembourg, under the presidency of Stavros MALAS, Cyprus Minister for Health (responsible for the Research portfolio) and Neoklis SYLIKIOTIS, Cyprus Minister for Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Video title Professional qualifications
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Stockshots on professional qualifications in the EU.

Reference 94420 Video infos Mpg4 / PAL - 16:9 Duration 00:04:19 Type Stockshots (Archives footage)
Shooting date 26-04-2009 Country Poland, Spain, Italy Town Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid    
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Construction of a motorway: general views of the worksite, road, bridge, workers, engeenirs, on site, Poland, 04/2009 (10 shots)

Keywords : motorway Duration : 00:01:14


The AVE, Spanish high speed train: workers building the tracks and bridges for the train, views from a helicopter of the constuction site linking Barcelona and Madrid (3 shots)

Keywords : AVE | train Duration : 00:00:28


Engineer working on bus information electronic panels in GMV: a GPS WIFI technology for city buses, Valladolid, Spain, 01/2010 (6 shots)

Keywords : bus Duration : 00:00:29


Interior view of the Quirón Hospital; surgeon showing how to use a simulator for arthroscopic operations; view of the operation room; real arthroscopy operation performed on a patient, Barcelona, Spain, 01/2010 (7 shots)

Duration : 00:00:41


Polytect project and EU Centre engineers working on the use of SELCOM glass fibre textiles, in the structure of a house, which will then be tested to see what would happen in the event of an earthquake; engineers adding sensors to the textile, in order to monitor the behaviour of the structure; engineers looking at structure behaviour models on a computer, Italy, 01/2010 (10 shots)

Keywords : earthquake Duration : 00:01:05


Construction company building a wooden house extension and achitect checking the work (5 shots)

Duration : 00:00:20



Duration : 00:00:00