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The Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport ) takes place on 29 October in Luxembourg.

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Extracts from the roundtable during the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport ) taking place on 29 October in Luxembourg.

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The Ministers aim to reach a general approach on a recast of the 1993 regulation on the
allocation of landing and take-off slots at EU airports with capacity problems. In order to optimise the allocation system against the backdrop of growing airport congestion, the new draft regulation will, in particular, allow airlines to sell and buy slots. It also introduces the possibility of charging for the late return of unused slots to the slots pool and enhances the independence of, and cooperation between, slots coordinators.
The Council is also due to agree a general approach on two draft directives laying down the responsibilities of flag states (14790/12), on the one hand, and port states, on the
other, as regards the enforcement of the Maritime Labour Convention adopted in 2006 by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The goal of the Maritime Labour Convention is to guarantee decent working and living conditions on board ships and to limit social dumping, thereby securing fair competition for shipowners who respect seafarers’ rights. The Council is expected to reach a political agreement on a new regulation on the tachograph used in road transport, essentially confirming the general approach agreed by the Council in June this year. The new draft legislation, which will replace the 1985 tachograph regulation, is designed to make fraud more difficult and to reduce the administrative burden, notably by introducing a satellite-linked “smart tachograph” as well as a number of new regulatory measures. Ministers hold a debate on a proposed update of the rules on periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles, intended to improve road safety and protection of the environment. The proposal presented by the Commission provides in particular for extending the checks
to motorcycles, scooters and light trailers and for more frequent testing of older vehicles. The debate will give guidance for the ongoing work on this proposal, which is part of a package also including proposals on technical roadside inspections of commercial vehicles and on registration documents for vehicles. Moreover, the Council is due to authorise the signing and provisional application of an agreement with the European Organisation for Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) establishing a new and stable framework for enhanced cooperation.

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Delegation of Portugal

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Efthemios FLOURENTZOU, Minister of Communication and Works of Cyprus

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Delegation of Belgium

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Austin GATT, Minister of Transport of Malta

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Kamen KICHEV, Deputy Minister of Transport, Information technology and Communications of Bulgaria (2 shots)

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Peter RAMSAUER, Minister for Transport of Germany; Siim KALLAS, European Commissioner for Transport (2 shots)

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Peter RAMSAUER, Minister for Transport of Germany

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Siim KALLAS, European Commissioner for Transport

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Stephen HAMMOND, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport of the United Kingdom

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General view

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Frédéric CUVILLIER, Minister responsible of Transport, France

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Efthemios FLOURENTZOU, Minister of Communication and Works of Cyprus ; Frédéric CUVILLIER, Minister responsible of Transport, France

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Doris BURER, Federal Minister for Transport of Austria

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Delegation of Romania

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Delegation of Czech Republic (2 shots)

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Efthemios FLOURENTZOU, Minister of Communication and Works of Cyprus (2 shots)

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