Story title Competitiveness Council - December 2012
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The Competitiveness Council takes place on 10 and 11 December 2012, in Brussels.

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Extracts from the roundtable during the Competitiveness Council taking place on 11 December in Brussels.

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The ministers start with the space policy part and a ministerial exchange of ideas on how to better develop the relationship between the EU and the European Space Agency (ESA). Under the research part of the agenda, the Council is to be invited to adopt conclusions on key elements that will contribute to the completion of the European Research Area (ERA). The conclusions take into account the recommendations addressed by the Commission last July and the ministerial exchange of views that took place on 10 October. ERA will be configured as a unified research area based on the principles of the EU’s internal market and open to the world, in which researchers, scientific knowledge and technology can circulate freely. Through ERA, the EU and its member states will strengthen their scientific and technological capacities and hence their competitiveness. Its development is one of the core elements of the EU 2020 strategy for the creation of economic growth and jobs. The European Council called for the completion of ERA by 2014. The Council will also exchange views on ways and perspectives to enhance international cooperation in research and innovation. Ministers also hold public deliberations on two legislative proposals which will be part of “Horizon 2020”, the future framework programme for funding research and innovation for the years 2014 to 2020. These two pieces of legislation relate to the specific programme for the implementation of Horizon 2020 and the strategic innovation agenda of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The decision establishing the specific programme aimed at implementing research projects under Horizon 2020 will define the following four objectives of the programme: excellent science, industrial leadership, societal challenges and non-nuclear activities carried-out by the EU’s Joint Research Centre. The Council also takes note of a report on the progress made regarding the Euratom proposal, which complements Horizon 2020 in the field of nuclear research.

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Eleni MAVROU, Minister of Interior of Cyprus

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Delegation of Malta

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Jouni HAKALA, State Secretary, Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland

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Antonio TAJANI, European Commissioner responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship

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General view

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Sean SHERLOCK, Minister for Research and Innovation of Ireland and delegation

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David WILLETS, Minister for Universities and Science of the UK

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Eleni MAVROU, Minister of Interior of Cyprus

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