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The aim of the EU training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) is to help improve the military capacity of the Malian Armed Forces in order to allow, under civilian authority, the restoration of the country's territorial integrity.

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Statement by Ambassador Richard ZINK, Head of the EU Delegation in Mali

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Shooting date 25-03-2013 Country Mali Town Bamako    
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Soundbite (French) EUTM Mali - EU Ambassador Richard Zink.

This interview with EU Ambassador Richard Zink, from Germany, was filmed in Bamako at the office of the EU delegation to Mali on March 25 : "We (the EU) have projects in mind to support the elections that are coming up, we hope, in July. We have already financed an audit of the electoral list, because in past elections there were problems with the electoral list being manipulated, so we've conducted an audit. We also have an election mission that is going to come, which wasn't the case for the last elections, so this is a good development. We have made millions of euros available to mobilize and inform voters taking part, and we have pledged aid worth 15 million euros for the state to organize the elections."

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"There is a large number of displaced people in the country, a great number who have taken refuge in Mauritania and Burkina Faso and who are receiving our support. We have also increased funding for food security, to increase agricultural production and irrigation, and we have put to our member states (for approval) a big programme of renewed cooperation that includes a state-building contract, which is again assistance for urgent situations."

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"A new state, a new government has to be built. To build a new government, elections are the first step but it is notably up to the people who are voted into power during that election to undertake the reform needed to make a stronger state."

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"A new government is needed to be able to undertake all the tasks facing the country. But the war in the north must also be ended, for peace to return, and for dialogue and reconciliation between all the different groups to continue. And that will be a long-term job, and it certainly won't be possible to resolve all these questions in one day or over the next few months. We will be here for the next few years."

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