Story title Belgrade-Pristina dialogue
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Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina to improve relations started on 8-9 March 2011. The European Union is the facilitator of this dialogue.

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Statement by Catherine ASHTON, EU HR for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, following the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, on 06 November 2013, in Brussels.

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SOUNDBITE (English) Catherine ASHTON, EU HR for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

I was very pleased to see Prime Minister Thaçi and Prime Minister Dačić again today in Brussels. They were joined by Deputy Prime Minister Vučić later on. We had a very good conversation and there is a good progress in dealing with the election process (in Kosovo), the details of that will be deal by the relevant authorities in Pristina, but I'm pleased to see that progress been made.We discussed the agreement in April and continuing to implement that agreement. I was delighted to see the commitment of both PM to ensure that this task will be fully completed.

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