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The aim of the EU training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) is to help improve the military capacity of the Malian Armed Forces in order to allow, under civilian authority, the restoration of the country's territorial integrity.

Video title Statement by EU Mission Commander
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Statement by Brigadier General François LECOINTRE, EUTM Mali Mission Commander.

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Shooting date 25-03-2013 Country Mali Town Bamako    
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Soundbite (French) interview with Brigadier General François Lecointre filmed at the EUTM headquarters in Bamako, Mali, on 25 March, 2013

interview with Brigadier General François Lecointre filmed at the EUTM headquarters in Bamako, Mali, on 25 March, 2013 : "I'm very satisfied with the state of readiness of this force, which corresponds exactly to the time-frame we had set ourselves, which for the European Union and indeed any multinational operation of this size is a real success, logistically speaking, in military terms, and tactically, which says a lot about the application of the member states of the European Union."

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Soundbite (French)

"The first battalion will start training on the first of April and should be operational, capable of deployment in northern Mali by the end of June, and we will then launch training for three other battalions. The last battalion should end training right at the start of 2014. So at that moment, strictly speaking, the EUTM operation will be over."

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"The Malian army badly lacks structure. There's no real hierarchy, no efficient chain of command, neither at the operational level nor organically speaking, no real unity. It's like gangs of soldiers, and every now and then someone takes command to carry out a mission. But this is not good enough, this is not an efficient way to run an army. So we have to entirely recreate a sense of trust within the army hierarchy."

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"It's also an army that is very poorly equipped. With a stock of materiel that has been built up over 20 years of bilateral cooperation with lots of countries across the world. So it's made up of bits and pieces which need to be updated very soon because it's extremely difficult to maintain, and it's often badly adapted to the desert climate in Mali.

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Soundbite (French)

"What is being offered to us is an opportunity to increase the ambition of this mission. It's up to me to ensure that my interlocutors in the European Union understand how important it is to seize this opportunity. I don't know if Europe will want to, because it would require extra means, it would require a long-term investment; it's a political choice that I obviously cannot take for the Europeans. But it's a great ambition to have."

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cutaways outside EUTM headquarters (8 shots)

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